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Food & Beverages Online Shop

A&S Market is a specialised grocery shop serving a large number of Romanian expats in the United Kingdom. Having known the success offline, moving to online was a no-brainer and it proved extremely successful, the launch having a big impact in the area, especially during the Coronavirus lockdowns.

Our main goal for this project create a web presence for the well established local shop, create new routes to existing customers and reaching new ones in the process.

A&S Market
Client Name

Design, SEO, Custom JS/SASS/Liquid, Product Image Optimisation


Food & Beverages

Custom user flows
Page Design Pack
days work period
Involved team members

Project Implementation

We developed the website on a ‘blank-slate’ Shopify setup, configured all details from store information to payment details + Facebook & Google accounts.

We have introduced a number of custom modules and designs, all developed with conversion and UX in mind. One example is the Postcode Checker section: as the delivery area of the shop is still limited, we had to create this module for customers to check if their postcode is covered.

The design was also mindful of the type of customer: no-nonsense smart shopper. Killing complexity was key as conversion needs to be quick and transform the visitor into a payable customer within minutes.

The project is an ongoing work as we provide essential help to A&S Market on their Social Media and customer acquisition strategy with new designs, email campaigns and various reports.

“No design works unless it embodies ideas that are held common by the people for whom the object is intended.” 

Adrian Forty

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