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Custom Website For a Recruitment Agency

TAS Solution is a recruitment agency based in the United Kingdom specialised in enabling British companies to access Easter European workforce.

Our main goal for this project was to deliver a well presented reliable and quick website using custom tools.

TAS Solution Recruit
Client Name

New Custom Website

ReactJS, GatsbyJS, EmailJS, SASS


Custom user flows
Page Design Pack
days work period
Involved team members

Project Implementation

The website is entirely built with ReactJS using GatsbyJS as a subtool, Sass for styling and also communicating with EmailJS for data collection.

The design is slick and modern and is focused on getting as much information as possible to the visitor in order to convert it into a potential client or future employee.

Having a website built without CMS and with ReactJS means the page load speed is at a fraction of 99% of all other websites thus giving TAS Solution Recruit the edge vs their competitors.

“Design is the body language of your marketing.” 

Mark King

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