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Redesign a Shopify Online Shop

Prăvălia Idicel is a speciality food shop selling traditional Romanian products such as zacuscă (homemade vegetable spread), dulceață (homemade fruit jam cooked in a cauldron), bean-to-bar signature chocolate, and Romanian wines. Their mission is to support rural communities and promote their cultural traditions.

Our main goal for this project was to completely redesign the shop using Shopify and help the owner increase the website’s conversion rate and boost sales.

Pravalia Idicel

Re-design, SEO


Food & Beverages

Custom user flows
Page Design Pack
days work period
Involved team members

Project Implementation

Since Prăvălia Idicel is a growing business, we first integrated the Smartbill accounting and billing system via the xConnector app so that they can automatically create and manage invoices, credit notes and receipts and compile financial reports. This helped them save time and increase productivity and data accuracy for their daily tasks.

After we configured their online card payments using Netopia Payment, a secure and fast payment provider, and created the shipping prices and rules for their range of products. Also, we used the Frequently Bought Together” function to increase their average order value (AOV). 

The design changes and SEO improvements (e.g., alt tags, meta descriptions, Google Search Console, etc.) made by our specialists were essential in boosting the website’s ranking and attracting more visitors and potential clients.

«Digital media is currently the most effective way for brands to reach their consumers on a daily basis.»

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