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If there’s one thing you have to carefully plan for this year, that’s your social media marketing strategy.

According to a recent report from DataReportal published in collaboration with Hootsuite and We Are Social, more than half of the world’s total population is currently using social media.

This insight highlights the importance of a brand’s social media presence and its ability to adapt to incoming trends as quickly as possible. Many businesses have already shifted their focus to a more transparent and authentic approach to social media in order to build stronger connections with their audience.

In this article, we will talk about 5 social media marketing trends that could help you increase your audience and boost the traffic for your online shop in 2021.

Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social.

Jay Baer

1. LinkedIn: the rise of conversational content 

The rise of the remote working also caused professionals to share and engage with a more conversational type of content to make up for face-to-face office interactions. 

Conversations centred around the business environment were surpassed by those focused on social, political and economic issues. This shift allows businesses to use their voice to share their values, support their communities and actively engage with their audience in a meaningful way. 

2. Facebook: the need for more innovative advertising

As the online marketplace gets more competitive and Facebook advertising costs increase, many businesses are forced to reassess their marketing campaign spending to remain profitable.

The key to success, in this case, will be for brands to invest in creative and compelling content for their advertising campaigns. User-generated content (UGC) and video content have gained popularity this year as they blend more easily in their customers’ feed and make them more willing to engage with the ad.

3. Instagram: short-form videos

Instagram launched Reels, a new form of short video content, to keep up with the increasing popularity of its rival platform, TikTok. This feature allows users to record 15 seconds long videos and use music and special effects to express their creativity.

Brands can use this new tool to create a broad range of content to educate their audience on their products, show product reviews in collaboration with influencers from their niche, and share behind-the-scenes moments. 

4. TikTok: a new age of influencers

There is no doubt that TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media networks – its potential to reach new audiences is massive. 

A new generation of influencers emerged last year as TikTok videos started going viral overnight. Businesses that were brave enough to enter this new world of video content took advantage of this platform’s creativity and used hashtag challenges to boost brand awareness. 

At the end of 2020, TikTok announced their partnership with Shopify, hoping that this will help merchants manage their marketing campaigns more efficiently. 

5. YouTube: interactive content and culturally-diverse creators

According to YouTube’s Culture & Trends report, the new normal brought a boom of interactive content such as live streams and watch parties that underlined people’s desire to share their real-life experiences with others. 

New channels gained immediate success as the users’ receptiveness broadened, and creators from different cultures got to find their audience and see their content appreciated by thousands of people. 

Not sure how to go about your social media marketing strategy? Reach out to us and let’s discuss how we can build a strong social media presence for your online shop.


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