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Project Materials

The client must provide the content and the images required for the project in an adequate digital format. Also, the client agrees to check the content for errors before sending the materials.

Although Vevol Media uses grammar and spell checkers for all text materials received from a client, the agency is not responsible for correcting or rewriting the content unless mentioned in the contract. The client also has the responsibility to check all the content provided by Vevol Media for review before approving the website’s final version.


Following the written approval of the quotation, the client must pay a 50% deposit before the Vevol Media agency commences any creative or development work. This requirement also applies to projects delivered in stages, where a stage payment of 50% will be payable once the site designs have been approved. 

The client agrees to pay all invoices in full within 7 days of the invoice date.

Support and Warranty

Vevol Media guarantees to fix any code issues that may lead to operational errors if notified in writing by the client within 3 months of the invoice date. The present warranty does not cover errors caused by the use of third-party software or by client alterations to the provided code.

Project Scope Changes

There will be an additional charge for any changes beyond the scope of the initial quotation and/or any System Requirements documents provided by the client at the beginning of the project. Also, all the changes to content, design, visuals, and/or functionality that have been previously approved by the client may result in additional charges.

Web Browser Compatibility

Vevol Media delivers websites that work on the latest platforms and devices by using the most recent web technologies. Although the agency will conduct a testing phase once the project is finished, the client must keep in mind that their website may display differently across older web browsers such as Internet Explorer 8,9 and 10.

Project Timeframes

The time frames offered by Vevol Media for a project are directly influenced by the client’s level of cooperation and the availability of necessary materials (content and visuals) during the work stages. The agency recommends having only one contact person from the client’s side regarding feedback and other communications to facilitate the development process and meet initially set deadlines.

Design Revisions

The initial website design layout delivered to the client includes only one revision. Once the client approves the final design, any additional changes will be charged at an hourly rate which may vary between €80 and €120 excluding VAT.

Cancellation Process

The termination of the project by any of the parties must be made in writing. Vevol Media reserves the right to pause or terminate a project if the project is delayed due to client inactivity for more than 2 months in total, and to charge the client a recommencement fee of €500.

Once the project is paused or terminated, Vevol Media will invoice the client for the total number of hours completed on the project. If the number of the hours completed on the project exceeds the deposit fee, additional costs will be added to the invoice.

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